Mobile Terminals
Wherever you are you can bring the best output. Mobility helps have contol over your environent, of your applications and the challanges you face, inside and outsite your company, even in the most demanding envirenemnts. Our vast range of terminals helps your company innovate and gain performence strength in your
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Industrial Machine Vision and Fixed Scanners
Thermal Printers
Our printers catalogue includes a vaste range of printers that answers to all your printing operations, whether it's barcode labels, receipts or carboard labels. This variety goes hand in hand with the required resolution as well as connectivity
Barcode Scanners
We offer a veriety of barcode scanners that answer to the majority of data collection activities : Scan 1D, 2D on printed serfuces and on screens. Read multiple codes at once or difficult codes in tight spaces . Our range of scanners enables you to scan any code regardless of their type or condition .discover
Rugged Tablets
Business tablets are far superior to consumer tablets, a rugged tablet goes where you need to go and performs exceptionally well in any harsh conditions you encounter. these tablets are designed for tough working conditions and equipped with enterprise class features such as barcode
Cards Solution
A comprehensive solution that allows you to cutomise you plastic badges or identification cards which comes handy in many aspect : Emplyees badges, loyalty card, student card, and many more. discover
Wristband solutions
Easily create wristbands with wristband printer designed for healthcare and hospitality. Wristbands serve have many diffirent business utilities. Our wristbands printing solutions emproves the efficency of events planning and execution, hence the overall customer
Transform your activity and take a head start over your compatitors, take advantage of the reliability and high potential of RFID Solutions. These solutions enables you discover new and real opportunities, to take action consequently and in real-time. Thanks to the advantages of RFID, you modernize renovate your operations, improve the performances of each component, automate your process and boost your teams'
Interactive Kiosks
Interactive kiosks are designed to be tablet-style, giving your customers a familiar shopping experience, while providing the security updates and future-proofing you can count
Bar code consumables
A vaste range of consumables (labels and thermal ribbons) carefully selected to ensure the best print quality, the durability and reliability of the produced print, while reducing the pressure on the printer. discover
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Enhance your teams' productivity by tapping into the full potential of your equipment thanks to practical and ergonomic
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Discontinued Zebra Products
TechnoCode est une société de conseil, d'expertise et d'ingénierie en informatique, intervenant sur les problématiques liées à l'identification automatique, la traçabilité et la mobilité. TechnoCode vous propose une offre globale en matière d'acquisition de données et de gestion informatisée sur le marché de l'identification par code à barres. C'est votre réponse pour l'étiquetage, la codification, l'impression, la traçabilité des produits de votre société.
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