The Zebra TC26 is a reliable and economical rugged touchscreen trminal it features the latest version of Android for smooth operation of your applications. This Zebra TC26 smartphone has features that are universal to consumer telephone devices: Android 10, bright 5-inch touchscreen, 13 MP camera, 10-hour battery life, shortcuts by touch gestures or by buttons, phone or video calls, sms. Its instant barcode capture technology (printed and electronic) in point-and-aim mode. Whatever the nature of the barcode, you can decrypt all symbologies. Resistant and durable, it ensures optimal operation in all conditions, even after a fall or accidental impact. Equipped with WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS connections, the Zebra TC26 pda covers all data transmission modes.

  • Large 5 inch high definition screen
  • Professional design
  • All necessary wireless connections
  • Familiar Android look
  • Create a portable hands-free solution in the warehouse
  • Extensive range of professional accessories
  • Removable battery, for one or more shifts
  • Processing power for all your applications
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