Improve checkout and increase your profits with high-performance counter-mounted or counter-integrated scanners

Improve customer experience, reduce losses and provide faster payment options with SP72 series scanners. These high-performance vertical and horizontal monoplane scanners offer everything you need to improve the checkout experience in supermarkets, convenience stores, pharmacies and specialty stores. The SP72 Series enhances self-checkout solutions with innovative features that facilitate integration with self-checkouts and help reduce losses – making the self-checkout experience better for your customers, employees and customers. results.

Accelerated checkout

• 20% faster scanning

• Ultra-reliable reading of reflective barcodes on screen or packaging thanks to offset lighting

• Wider field of view, for guaranteed reading

• 2.3 MP higher resolution sensor for better

• performance on difficult barcodes

Reduction of shrinkage

• Visual applications facilitated by an optional 2.3 MP color camera*1

• Compatible with Checkpoint and Sensormatic1 EAS

• Correct decoding indicator, oriented upwards, visible by diving cameras

• Develop applications to detect unscanned barcodes, with Zebra Non-Decode Event alerts.

Ease of integration

• Horizontal and vertical models

• Flat face to mount flush with the surface

• The horizontal model fits easily into existing competing installations

• No external power required — powered by 5V2 USB cable

• Same 123Scan configuration utility

Built-in or not, traditional checkout or self-service

Choose the solution that suits your installation — the SP72 range fits anywhere. The SP72-V compact scanner can be placed on a counter, installed on a wall or table, or embedded in self-checkout enclosures and kiosks. With its almost zero footprint, the SP72-H horizontal scanner is designed for countertops and can replace the most common existing installations.

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