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Technocode Tunisia offers the range of Zebra DS8100 barcode readers. A 2D barcode reader at an affordable price.The Zebra DS8108 is the high-end wired imager reader that offers unparalleled performance, capable of capturing all types of barcodes (1D / 2D).Besides, the DS8108 has a wonderful function that allows you to scan multiple codes with just one socket.Zebra's DS8100s deliver unparalleled performance on virtually any barcode in any condition, with Zebra's top-of-the-line technology your scanning jobs will be error-free. This reader is best suited for retail checkouts, fast scanning operation to keep your queues short and your customers satisfied with your service. Scanning range of up to 24 inches/61 cm and an illuminated aiming point to scan items in the shopping cart without leaving the checkout packaging, speeding up checkout.The industry's favorite add-on software tools for easy deployment and management across your enterprise, Zebra management software keeps your barcode equipment running securely and in sync while ensuring visibility, rapid management and updates of your traceability equipment.

TechnoCode is a consulting, expertise and engineering company in IT, working on issues related to automatic identification, traceability and mobility. TechnoCode offers you a global offer in terms of data acquisition and computerized management on the bar code identification market. It is your answer for the labeling, codification, printing, traceability of your company's products.
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