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The latest offering in the value tier industrial printer category, the ZT231 delivers outstanding functionality and features at an exceptional value while maintaining Zebra's rigorous standards of print quality and reliability. Designed to replace the ZT230 model, the affordable ZT231 offers a broad range of features to support reliable printing across a wide variety of applications in multiple markets for price sensitive customers. From applications like asset tags and shipping labels, to lab samples and compliance labeling, the ZT231 packs a ton of features into a small footprint.

The ZT231 provides fast print speeds, high-resolution print quality, large color touchscreen, future-forward design and more—all in one space-saving footprint. Plus, the ZT231 offers optional capabilities like RFID, wireless connectivity and media handling features. Customers get built-in intelligence to make their work easier and unmatched security so nothing stands in the way.

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