"Does your company need labels that are capable of withstanding harsh environments and challenging applications? If the answer to that question is yes, then Polypropylene Labels ( PP labels ) might be a perfect fit. Polypropylene labels or PP lables are popular for companies that need a more durable label as these have the best combination of value and strength compared to other film labels.\ Furthermore ,Polypropylene Labels offer strength and durability that a common paper label cannot. Simply put, for some applications, a paper label doesn’t have the durability, longevity or resistance required to meet the requirements of the job. +Value – If you are in need of a durable label, PP labels /Polypropylene Labels offer the best combination of quality and affordability. +Durability – Polypropylene labels are both tear, weather, and scratch resistant. They also offer both chemical and oil resistance. +Matte & Clear Finishes – PP labels can be used for both barcoding (matte finishes) and product labeling for that “no label look”

Excellent Printability – Polypropylene Labels have a topcoating so the ink and image anchor better to the surface of the film. "

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