ET51/ET56 Android enterprise tablets give workers the feel of their personal tablet, but with enterprise-class durability. Zebra's ET51 Android Enterprise Tablet is the surprisingly rugged, thin and light tablet with integrated 1D/2D barcode scanning. With the ET51, your workers get a personal tablet that looks and feels just like their own, while you get a device family with the durability, ease-of-use, data capture capabilities and flexibility your business requires. Android provides instant familiarity, enabling rapid adoption and minimal training requirements. In combination with Zebra's powerful Mobility DNA that provides over a dozen highly valuable tools that boost business-class performance, ease-of-use, security and manageability above the competition. With the ET51, you get class-best brightness that makes the ET51 the easiest to read tablet in virtually any lighting conditions, including bright sunlight. The touchscreen works with a finger, even with a glove, or a passive stylus for more precision

TechnoCode is a consulting, expertise and engineering company in IT, working on issues related to automatic identification, traceability and mobility. TechnoCode offers you a global offer in terms of data acquisition and computerized management on the bar code identification market. It is your answer for the labeling, codification, printing, traceability of your company's products.
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